Back from vacation - I'll put the finishing touches on the P.J. Harvey lyrics later this evening. Not much actual work to do, so I skipped work for a couple of hours to go to the bank and apply for a new ATM/Visa card (since my old one got stolen whilst on vacation) and do some shopping as well - Use of Weapons by Iain Banks and a new belt. Did some shopping sitting down, too - ordered a new cellphone (old one got stolen along with the wallet).
Interestingly enough, I did not buy a new wallet. I'll have to check out the different types available - the new driver's license will be the size of a credit-card, thus allowing a smaller wallet.

Apart from losing my wallet and cellphone, everything seems to be working out according to plan.
Sadly, the original plans suck.
So new ones have to be devised and carried out - preferably in short time.

Identified a RL relative on E2...bizarre. I've known for some time that she has been on here, but I can't grok seeing someone from RL on here, though.

Paid a bill - I'm just jotting it down here for future reference in case they get mad about it not being paid in due time (not that it was paid in due time...) and all that.

Today's Soundtrack: Dirge by Death in Vegas.