E2CODERS! YOU ARE AWESOME! Especially DonJaime, that guy is the bee's knees!

Thanks for implementing my last suggestion re: allowing users to send their own w/us back to draft. Here's an additional refinement:

Whenever a published writeup is sent back to draft, please retain its timestamp, reputation score, and chings. Please display the info on the drafts page as "Previously published on: June 13, 2011. Rep +11/-3. 2C!s: N0b0dy, nate."

That way, if a user decides to republish it later, they can put it back into the nodegel right where it was before, instead of putting it at the top of New Writeups with a new timestamp and 0 rep.

Right now, we have "published writeups" and "drafts". What I'm suggesting instead is that "published writeups" and "draft writeups" aren't two different objects. They're the same object (a "writeup"), in two different states.

Three states actually:

  • "private writeups" (viewable by only you)
  • "draft writeups" (viewable by all logged-in users)
  • "published writeups" (viewable by everyone, everywhere).

For simplicity's sake, please pare down the other radio-button options from that growing list under "Draft status" in Drafts.

Please make "findable" a checkbox (or, IMO, just make all non-private writeups findable and nix that fiddly option). Please make "review" a button (e.g. "Add to review queue"/"Remove from review queue"). Please eliminate the "removed" option altogether; it's a meaningless distinction in this context. Please also eliminate the "shared" state; that's covered by the "Share with" box below (plus, it's not a distinct state: private w/us, draft w/us, and-- theoretically-- published w/us can all be shared).

And finally, a controversial one: You know those "Attachment and Publishing" controls on Drafts? Please put those on published writeups too. That way, users will be able to move their writeups from one node to another without an admin ever having to sully their hands with it. (note: I think that's a solid WIN all the way around, but I suspect a few establishment-types might bristle at the notion. If not, well, full steam ahead!)