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Perse School for Girls
"When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose"
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Robyn Philippa Jocelyne Watt

I was born early on a Wednesday morning on the 16th of July, 1986. I lived with my parents, Roger and Frances Watt, in Brighton until the age of two. Even while suffering from a dislocated hip, I moved with my family to Essex. This became my residence for the next nine years, where she attended Thaxted Primary School, the best in the world. Ever popular, I attracted many good friends before moving up to the Perse School for Girls, Cambridge. I also had to endure a kidney operation and a broken arm.

Personal details Height: 5ft2
Shoe size: 5 1/2 (UK)
Weight: 7 1/2 stone
Eyes: Blue
Interesting trivia: Robyn has no bed, she simply sleeps on a mattress, in her yellow-themed bedroom.


I have one brother Laurie, who is a fan of wrestling. My father [Roger enjoys bikes and mountains, and his main interest is drawing. Mother Frances is an aspiring painter and has great enthusiasm for Italy: the culture and terrain. I myself am one quarter Scottish, from my paternal grandfather, who died before my birth - but he too was an enthusiast of drawing and Scotland. His wife, who has since also passed away, is someon I want to describe as "supernatural". Of my mother's parents, one survives: mother Doreen. Her husband was a powerful pianist, and I follow is his footsteps, playing the guitar, flute and recorder in addition.


Two cute cats: Supercat and Daisy, and the sadly departed Topsy, Teddy, and Flossy. I've also also owned fish, named Finny and Sparky.

Personal interests

At school, I enjoy art and English, just as my parents did, and have a personal dislike of Maths. In my younger days, I would write many stories I now describe as "crap" but it was my strongest point at the time.

I also have a deep-set belief in Wicca magic, and also like fairy lights and duvets although I'm unsure if these interests are related. I always try to keep an open mind about people, regardless of their reputation. Also in myr younger days, I desired to be a vet but was put off by Rolf Harris - fair indeed. Later, I aspired to become a high-flying journalist and to live in Las Vegas or New York.

I have since furthur re-evaluated and now intend simply to avoid work in any way possible, and travel the world in a massive bus with lots of music, duvets, glow-in-the-dark stars and food.

I hate any kind of routine, including school, and having lived in my current residence of Cambridge for five years, that has lost all interest for me.

The arts

Favourite book: Catcher In The Rye
Favourite film: High Fidelity
Favourite Disney film: The Little Mermaid
Favourite horror film: The Shining
Favourite television: The Fast Show, So Graham Norton and Spaced. Earlier in her life, she also enjoyed Hobsons and Co. which was sadly discontinued.
Favourite foods: Lemon sorbet, ice cream and Greek yoghurt with sugar.
Favourite song: Sunflowers, by Everclear
Favourite album: So Much For The Afterglow, also by Everclear
Favourite places: Mountains, or the desert
Favourite animals: Cats, ducks and giraffes
Favourite season: Summer, of course! Her self-described "anti-depressant"
Personal likes: Thunderstorms, badminton
Personal dislikes: Christmas, snow, and falling leaves, and also swimming, despite her former enthusiasm.