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Well, things were going fine until I realized the entire smiley center of my brain had rotted away from gangrene. Then, came the locusts. They're quite good on cupcakes, incidentally. Mmm...locust surprise...glaahhh...
Now where was I? Oh yes! I had just left that space under my optical mouse, and needed a new place to call home. That's when I discovered the earphone jacks. Perfect! I thought. One jack for me to live in and another to put my stuff! Alas, it was not to be. Someone jammed their headphone plug into the jack my stuff was in, and I had to escape before they tried the other jack. The utter nonsense took a break while I stood on a cliff Megaman X-style and watched text scroll upward. Someone came in and said this cliff was reserved for video game stars only. "Oh, blah," I says. (Real life from this point on --->) And that's when I discovered the magic of drawing stuff. I draw things all the time to relieve my boredom, be they sprites on the computer or pencil and paper comics. What fun! So now there's a little less despair in the world today, thanks to DRAWING!! Duh duh duh deeeee! Well, that was odd. But what is a Bio without oddness? Boring, I tells ya!