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For well over fifteen years RoboticSoul has watched the development and evolution of robotics technology. This electrical and computer engineer has built homemade award-winning mobile robots out of commodity components from his basement workshop. Also known as the "Minister of Intelligence" he maintains a website on upcoming robotics technology called . RoboticSoul shares his insights on the development and capabilities of today's modern robotic systems. Take a look at how student competitions are contributing to the development of robotic systems. How have biological systems influenced the design of modern robots? What can the biosciences learn from these developments? What efforts are being made to connect machines to humans with prosthetics and other enhancements? What implications does this merging of human and machine have for the future? Is this Science or Sci-Fi? Join the musings of this robotics enthusiast as he ushers you into the 21st Century with an overview of the progress of intelligent mechanisms and predictions of what's to come.