Spinach Wraps

This is something I make for dinner a lot. It's easy, it requires only stuff that you oughtta have on hand anyway, it's delicious, and its healthy.

Ingredients The Process

Heat the oil in a saucepan. If you're just doing this for one, like me and all the other lonely gourmets, then a 2qt saucepan will be plenty big enough. Sauté the onions until they just start to get a goldish hue. Medium heat will do. Should take between five and ten minutes. Add the garlic and mushrooms, if you're using them. Give all this two or three more minutes on the heat. While this is going on, hang your head over the pan and get high off the gorgeous smell. Then lower your heat to medium-low, add a little water to the pan (enough to cover the bottom), throw in your spinach and cover.

Now you're waiting for your spinach to get nice and soft and wilted. This'll take about five minutes, but it varies a lot depending on your heat and the amount of water you used. Just keep checking it, and take it off the heat when the spinach has wilted into a lovely green mound and has no crunch left. Occasional stirring will speed this along. While you're waiting, you can get your tortilla ready. Put a stripe of salsa on it and some cheese. To taste. When the spinach is ready, mix it up well with the rest of the stuff in the pan, and put this mixture on your tortilla. With the amounts I indicated, I sometimes make one great big one or two small ones. Wrap it up. Finishing touch to make it wonderful: flip it over so it's cheese-side up, and put it in the microwave for about thirty seconds. Mmm, melty. Enjoy.

The optional ingredients really are optional; it still is great without them. In fact, even the onion (and it's killing me to say this) is optional, but if it goes then c'mon, you gotta keep the mushrooms. If even this dish isn't quite healthy enough for you, you could forego the oil and just steam everything instead. Omit the garlic if you go this route. Just throw in, oh, at least half an inch of water instead of the oil. You could also omit the cheese, or (better yet) use a substitute, to make this a vegan dish. Try it, it'll make you a better person.