A small restaurant chain, currently with locations in Sikeston and Ozark, Missouri, and Foley, Alabama. Lambert's main "gimmick" is its "throwed rolls"--when the bread cart comes around, the waiter actually throws the rolls to willing patrons (there is a method by which unwilling patrons may signify they'd rather be handed them).

Lambert's tries for a "down home" style atmosphere, to go with its home cooking style food. The "napkins" are a roll of paper towels; all drinks are served in 32-oz insulated travel mugs (which may also be purchased to take home); food portions are large, and if you clean your plate, they will set another one just like it in front of you at no extra charge. Appetizers (such as breaded fried okra and other vegetables) are free and plentiful, and come around frequently on carts.

As restaurants go, Lambert's offers a unique experience; if you're in the area (perhaps to visit nearby Branson) and hungry, try it at least once. Lambert's website is www.throwedrolls.com.