A renowned wise-guy actor, famous for his roles in the Evil Dead movies and a high school friend of Sam and Ted Raimi. Despite his cult acclaim, Campbell never seems to appear in starring roles in anything better than a B-rated movie or television series, such as Disney's 1997 TV-movie update of The Love Bug. His current projects include an Evil Dead Playstation game and the TV series "Jack of All Trades".

In addition to being an actor, Campbell is also a pretty good writer, having his own website, http://www.bruce-campbell.com, to which he posts self-written columns, rants, and screeds.

At the Project Akon anime convention in 1999, Campbell (who was a GOH along with Tim Thomerson) went above and beyond the call of duty in tolerating and even hobnobbing with the fans, signing autographs, and generally being an all-around great guy.

During the panel Q&A session, he was asked (as he often is) whether there would be a fourth Evil Dead movie. He said, "Yes...there will be a fourth Evil Dead movie..." and then paused to let the applause and cheering die down, then added, "...when monkeys fly out of my butt!"