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Robert Ketron is currently a student at Oklahoma State University on the Okmulgee campus. He spends his free time trying to progress his knowledge in everything he can to try to be more well rounded and have a much more profound, cultured, and open viewpoint on anything. He believes that without education there is nothing, and enjoys writing about himself in the third person (or he is doing it to sound conceited.) He is by no means the most intelligent person in the world, but he makes strives in his life to have knowledge of things that others may not so he can help them learn about them as well.

He is an extremist atheist, believing that religion is nothing more than a crutch that society has leaned on for thousands of years. Each religion always being defiant of its own beliefs and views to wage wars and destroy those that don't hold the same idealisms as them - it has sickened him and until it is proven by science he can't logically believe in an all powerful being that created and controls everything.

He believes that nothing is sacred, and anything should be able to joked about. Censoring one persons ideas or beliefs is silly, and he has always spoken his mind or cracked a joke about what he sees fit. He thinks it is better to laugh while you're hurting than to sit solemnly in pain. He is only vulgar when vulgarity is proper and profane when profanity is necessary. He believes that sometimes you have to be forceful to make a point, and if it requires being risqué then so be it.

He can't think of anything else to write about. Meh.