Babylon 5 Season 4 Premiere (Episode 1).

Primary Plot: The Alliance begins to fall apart due to Sheridan's disappearance.

Secondary Plot: Londo discovers that Emperor Cartagia has struck a deal with the Shadows.

Tertiary Plot: Ivanova, Delenn, and Lyta go to Z'ha'dum to search for Sheridan.

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The Hour of the Wolf is that time deep in the middle of the night when your fears and regrets and worries seize your mind so forcefully that you can't sleep.

It's the time when other people fade away to scant more than a faint hum.

It's the time when the distractions of your immediate concerns remove themselves and only your dreams and hopes remain.

It's the time when you lie awake at night, staring at the ceiling in your bedroom, and wonder just where you went wrong.

It's the time when you're too scared to even move, but you don't even know what you're scared of.

Sometimes it lasts for only an instant before you snap out of it. Sometimes it lasts for weeks.