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Yes. I know. I swore there'd never be another.

My [friend] Elaine from [high school] had been in [Hong Kong] all [summer] until a few days ago, and I offered to take her out to [lunch] to catch up on [old times]. She'd been a [email] recipient of the whole [McDonald's] series of events and had followed my hardships with some enthusiasm. Her one [condition] for going to lunch with me: It had to be at McDonalds.

Luckily, the truly EEE[EVIL] McDonald's was too far from where she worked to meet me at, so we settled on one about [halfway] between us. I was still really [nervous], because the tragedies had been growing more [serious] (for me, anyway) each time I returned.

[Nothing] happened. We had a great time, even though I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure the [Grim Reaper] wasn't trying to sneak up behind me. I figure since I went back for a [good cause], there was no need to [punish] me.

[Important] and [Humorous] [Addendum]: After I got home from work, I went with my [mother] to drop off her [computer] at the [repair shop] (because she didn't take my [advice], a la [The "My Parents Suck With Computers" Node]). Everything went fine, until we got back outside to the [car]. She noticed she didn't have her [key]s. She emptied out her [pocket book], [no dice]. I ran back into the [store] to make sure she didn't leave them on the dice. I peek in through the [window] to see if the keys were left on the seat. Guess where they were?

In the [ignition].

The car was still on.


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