10:04 Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

No weird side effects from Stacker2 today, woohoo. Metabolism pills totally rule.

My parents are back from Quebec. See Quebec and also walking around the house naked to see how I utilized my freedom. :)

New phone lines are being installed up at my fraternity house down at school. This is good, since it gives us Ethernet! If anything is missing out of my room when I get back, though, there'll be hell to pay.

Insomnia reigns supreme.

Looks like it's movie night tonight. We're prolly renting Hoosiers, and all is good. Gene Hackman rocks your world.

2.5 days left at ye olde summer job, and all my code is finally integrated into the system. Now it's all over but the shouting...and the documentation...

Blowjobs rule.