8:56 Eastern Daylight Savings Time

Finally finished noding all seventeen chapters (plus prologue and epilogue) of RimRod's Fencing Autobiography, and I think I got most of the major typos outta there too. Go read it. NOW!

I want to go see Loser tonight, despide the mediocre reviews from my local newspaper. I rarely agree with their reviews anyway. Besides, Mena Suvari is damn hot. Period.

I think I might have to skip the new Harrison Ford and Michelle Pheiffer vehicle, What Lies Beneath. When they can't even make the coming attraction for the movie interesting, you know it's crap.

The crack on the face of my watch is getting bigger. I might have to take it in for repair soon.

One week left at ye olde summer job after today.

I am currently in the middle of a four hour teleconference, aka noding time.

Opie and Anthony still rule.

I'm pissed off Noding Time got no recogniztion. Grrrrrrr.