11:05 Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

I'm in a dual teleconference/Microsoft Netmeeting jobbie thing at work right now. Strangely enough, these virtual meetings are my most productive noding time. :)

I worked my abs way too hard last night...I tried to get up out of my comfy chair a few minutes ago and involuntarily emitted a rather scary half groan, half whimper. Everyone at the office is looking at me funny now.

If you see a guy with a big "GETTING TO KNOW YOU NODES" SUCK on WWF Smackdown tonight, it's me. Okay fine, I didn't really have that sign there. But you'll know it's me by my dashing good looks and my Quad Pic of Doom on my home node.

There is a major estrogen explosion on #everything today. It's kinda freaky.