I actually had a very nice time at my prom. It was just the planning that was a bitch and a half.

See, I invited a nice girl I'd been friends with for a really long time. Most of my friends, however, invited galactic bitches. We had already planned out most of how the night was going to go, and they tried to take control and change just about everything. Half of them weren't even seniors, and they expected to have an equal say in what was going to happen.

This is NOT, for once, any sort of sexist thing. It's just the fact that it wasn't their senior prom. You only get one, and you have a right to plan it out however the fuck you want. I got invited to a few proms with girls from other schools, and at no point did I try to plan or change anything about the night--it was their night, not mine.

Well, my friends just couldn't make them understand that. We wanted to go out to the Hamptons like the rest of the universe, and they wanted to go to a comedy club. On prom night. Don't ask me why. They insisted on getting the most expensive limosines, even though we only needed the thing for a 20 minute drive each way and they weren't actually bigger than the cheap ones. Compound that with the fact that certain people in our merry little band absolutely hated other individuals who were in our prom group, and we had some very long and involved strategic meetings on who was going to go into which limo to avoid assaults and murders taking place.

But the prom itself was great!