April 7, 2001.  My 21st birthday.

Went to La Blue Agave in Chicago, a nice tequila bar downtown.  I got severely hammered.  I passed out in the bar; I passed out in the taxi on the way home, and I passed out in about two seconds once I collapsed into a comfy chair.

Woke up about 10 AM, took a piss.  Went back to sleep before my blaring headache had a chance to start up.

Woke up at noon, drove over to Elmhurst.  Took a shower to wash the stench of tequila off of me.

Did some Passover related stuff in the evening, unfortunately, but then went back to bar hopping at night.  Ended up back downtown, at some bar called Hamilton's and then above it on the roof smoking some pot.

The most irritating thing was that not once bouncer asked to see my ID the whole day.