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Richard Platypus is a 15 year old male human/platypus hybrid from the quaint hamlet NYC.

He does not usually refer to himself in the third person; although he is incredibly egotistic, he attempts to cover it with a shroud of modesty.

First and foremost, he is a poet; expressing the world and his relation to itt through poetry is his reason to live. Please see his website, for further reference. He is currently working on an epic poem about the platypus (that also serves as an anti-capitalist treatise, among other things).

This leads us to his other passion: political science, thought and activism. He believes in the establishment of an ecologically-sustainable socialist society; the exact form and means is debatable.

He is a pacifist and believes in the reverence of all life. So far as philosophy goes, he thinks that religion is an incredibly inane institution, but happens to be incredibly spiritual. He does not believe in a higher force, but rather a higher cosmic pseudo-hippie wavelength, and he enjoys transcendence and ascendance, whether it be through khundilini yoga, dancing and chanting kirtana with hare krishnas, listening to mad fuckin trippy music, or enjoying surroundings of beauteous nature.

eh suppose i'll toss in a picture of myself for good measure. This is of me reading poetry at a hippie festival off the Hudson River last June.