Enemies everywhere. Guys jumping out of bushes. Gun turrets popping out of the ground. They're about to wear you down, when a grey pod flies overhead. A single shot, and the pod explodes, throwing out a winged 'S'. Hurredly picking it up, your weapon now throws five large, orange projectiles in a 120° arc in front of you. The invading aliens don't stand a chance. Life is good.

Until you accidentally pick up the stupid laser powerup.

The Spread Gun is, of course, remembered by all Contra fans as the best way to even the odds. Many an altercation started over this powerup in my youth.

I shoot the pod, revealing a Spread...

Me: "Don't touch that Spread! It's mine!"

Friend, whilst grabbing the S: "Uh-uh, I got it first!"

Yelling ensues...