George Miller is also a well known Australian director and screenwriter. He is best known for directing the Mad Max series of films, as well as producing and writing the Babe films.

Miller was born in Brisbane in 1945, and was a practicing physician for several years before moving into the world of cinema. Mad Max, released in 1979, was his first full length feature, and was also Australia's most succesful film up to that time. It was also the film that, along with it's sequel The Road Warrior, first established Mel Gibson as a leading man.

It has been noted by some that Miller may have an obsession with pigs, as they have figured very prominently into 3 of his films: Babe, Babe: Pig in the City, and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Miller's other ther films of note include The Witches of Eastwick and the "Nightmare at 20000 Feet" segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Thanks to Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia for biographical info.