A regular feature in Toyfare magazine. It's a several page comic strip played out with action figures and word bubbles. The majority of the characters are old Mego figures from the 70s (mostly Marvel Comics characters). The "star" of the strip is Mego Spiderman, and Mego Iron Man is usually around (and usually drunk). Written by the feature editors of Toyfare (Tom Root, Pat McCallum, etc), the jokes run heavy into comic knowledge and flat out insanity, but it's always got something that's amusing. The strip was later renamed to Twisted Toyfare Theatre after fans demanded a book compilation be released (and wanting to avoid any lawsuit problems, Wizard Press changed the title). The book compilation is of the same name (Twisted Toyfare Theatre, not Mego) and features the strips from the first couple of years, along with an intro by Kevin Smith. All and all, a good read for action figure/comic book fans, and those who appreciate off the wall humor.