A handy dandy web based email checking utility for Mindspring/Earthlink customers. One can check their e-mail on the website (as long as it's an @mindspring.com or other Mindspring owned address), and send and receive mail. A great tool for checking one's mail when they're away from their main computer. For some strange reason, someone with an @earthlink.net address cannot check their mail on Springmail's website (www.springmail.com). Quite odd if you ask me. Mindspring customers can even setup an additional mailbox so they can utilize the free @springmail.com address, which makes organizing eBay auctions, PayPal accounts, and other stuff a bit easier. Ten megabytes is the total amount of mail you can have at either address, so one should always be sure that they've saved and deleted that mp3 that a friend sends. All in all, a wonderfully useful service and it's the main reason I keep paying for my @mindspring.com address.