The election comes on Tuesday. While I don't think it'll be much of a battle Tuesday Night (I believe Dubya will be re-elected), I do think it'll go to the courts and be dragged out as it was in 2000. But that's not the subject.

I met a girl! Like, a real girl! Ok, so I met her online (or rather, she met me I guess since she IMed me first), but atleast she lives in the same state as me. That's an improvement, right? And boy oh boy, she's pretty nifty keen. Smart, witty & funny, very pretty in that cute, Allison Hannigan sort of way. And damn does she have a way with words.

It's just wild...that after two and half years of being alone...that now there's a real chance that I might have someone now. That I won't be so fucking lonely (a great node, btw). So yeah, there's hope for the future..atleast for right now!

Back to studying for the CompTIA Linux certification. Oh, what a wonderful feeling!