This is from a writeup that was killed. Atleast it had a positive rep tho.

I miss DMan

I do, I really do. There's so little people who agree with my political views on E2 that having a fellow right winger was nice...but now he's gone. And I doubt he'll ever be back. Sure there's the occasional right-leaning node, but for the most part it's leftist, liberal crap. Almost unAmerican. Don't care what anyone says, DMan got booted (in part) for his political stances. I'd imagine that Saige, pingouin, or any other leftist wouldn't have gotten the same consequences that DMan did given the circumstances. It seems that while it's all right to make blatent Republican/Right Wing bashing nodes, Liberal/Left Wing bashing is just unheard of. I don't think it's fair, and I miss having DMan be a battering ram for our side.

I'm not interested in discussing this with anyone, this is my opinion and I'm allowed that. I have no intention of causing trouble, complaining, or even being bitchy. I just wanted to air my frustration, and that's all. Don't read it as anything else. Please don't /msg me or reply to this writeup trying to present a counterpoint. I don't want to argue or debate this, as I see no need since everybody has their own opinion. Just let me have my opinion and let's try to play nicely.