Mike Nelson's first book. Published by Harper Entertainment, a division of HarperCollins. ISBN 0-380-81467-6. Published in June, 2000.

While MST3K was still in production, Mike Nelson wrote for Home Theater and Entertainment@Home magazines. Specifically, he wrote reviews of current movies and the people who make those movies. Since writing for MST3K has forever tainted his mind, Mike Nelson's eyes only see the bad things movies have to offer, and we get to gleefully read Nelson's funny words in this handy dandy book format. No more flipping through endless magazines when the funny is stored in one place.

The book is divided into nine categories with some examples of the listings I've put to the side...

The book is just a hair under 300 pages, and most of the reviews run from two to four pages long. An excellent book for movie fans, MSTies, and people who love a good comedy read.