In response to Millennium's w/u.



It was never said that Meryl was raped. Atleast not in the Playstation version. The endings were the "Meryl lives" ending, and the "Meryl Dies" ending. In the first, Snake and Meryl ride off together into the wide frost of Alaska, presumably to have a happy and meaningful relationship together. However, this does not fit with the general theme of not only the game, but of Snake's character and history. That ending was put in there as something nice, positive...but it's not the "real" ending. You see, by having Meryl die, Snake lost something important to him. He lost a possible love, something dude didn't have. He did trade her life for his, and he has to live with that. Snake's character became much more real...more human..when Meryl didn't wake up after the battle with Liquid Snake. Snake got regret, sorrow, remorse, self-doubt, and many other emotions from her death...and those (in this narritive) strongly outweigh what he would have got if she lived. He exchanged one kind of pain for another..but the pain of causing her death isn't likely to go away for a while. And for those who have played MGS but not the MGS2 Demo that came out in March....the issue on which ending was the "real" ending has been settled....