Today was the first day since 2002 that I submitted a writeup. My long self-imposed exile is over, and it looks as if the reasons why I left have been rectified, to some extent.

I left because I thought there was too much of a political bias. And because I didn't share that bias, my writeups were subject to harsher review than if I had that bias. From what I've seen this is no longer the case, or if it is I haven't seen it yet. So I am back to contribute more nuggets of useless information.

So I started noding. Return of the Living Dead, which was one of the nodes I was working on around the time of my departure. I'm suprised that in over four years no one has submitted a writeup for this wonderful piece of cinema. It was received somewhat warmly. My second node however met a different fate..but I guess that's what I get for noding at four in the morning.

My quest for C! continues.