A very talented musical composer. Born in 1968 in Fornese, Italy. Provided the score for the Scream trilogy, as well as The Faculty, Dracula 2000, the upcoming American McGee's Alice movie and several others. A frequent collaborator with Wes Craven, Beltrami's style of scoring is a mixture of electronica and conventional orchestrial, with the occasional vocal thrown in for good measure. According to the Scream DVD, Wes Craven's assistant was on the Internet looking up new composers when she heard of Beltrami and got contact information for him. The rest, as they say, is movie history.

Personally I think his best work comes from the Scream score, especially some of the bits used in the movie but not released on the score CD. Also, his "Trouble in Woodsboro" (and later, "Trouble in Windsor") is a fine example of how background music can add so much power to a scene (and it seems Wes Craven thinks so too). I personally believe Beltrami's destined to be one of the great composers, ala Danny Elfman, John Williams, and Silvestri.