An interesting little tape that Best Brains released in 1995. It follows the show from it's humble beginnings on KTMA, through the Joel years, and into Mike years. Footage from the 1992 MST Alive! show (where Joel and the Bots riffed on a movie in real theater with folks), the building and creation of the sets and props, interviews with members of the staff...various promos from the years..also still pictures from the years, footage from the 1994 MST's just jammed full of stuff. It's really sad to watch this in retrospect, since MST3K has been dead and burried since the Sci-Fi Channel killed it in 1999. Best Brains stopped selling this tape years ago, and just about the only way to get ahold of it is on eBay or though tape traders or whatnot. An excellent addition to any MST collection, it'll tug on the ol' heartstrings by once again seeing how honest and devoted the cast was to the show.