speed scrabble

Speed Scrabble brought to you by the makers of Morphine Monopoly

Made from original mohair this document has traveled from the farthest reaches of this building to inform you of a cool variation of boring game...


Now everyone loves rules and thinks they should be followed without question; I won't have to explain to you the severity of breaking the rules.

Rule #1 Are you drunk? If you are playing revphil style... nice. But this is not an important rule, if in fact it can be called a rule at all.

Rule #2 You cannot enjoy normal scrabble. At least, not after you have played Speed Scrabble. Go find some people with nothing better to do.

Rule #3 Someone (one of the 3-5 players we at Speed Scrabble Inctm suggest you play with) has to eat the board. It is of no consequence in Speed Scrabble

Rule #4 Turn over all the characters and scramble the living hell out of them (no that was too much, unscramble them slightly... good)

Rule #5 Every player gets 7 characters (unless you want more, or less, but people should be equal, in theory)

Rule #6 arrange your letters into a word(s). Whoever is the first to use all of his or her tiles says "take one" ("go" and "Eat a Steaming Karl, Hosers!" are also acceptable)

Rule #7 EVERYONE takes another tile and continues to build a crossword. You may rearrange your tiles as you see fit.

Rule #8 Continue until the last tile is used. The first person to incorporate all his or her tiles into a crossword that does not suck, wins (meaning, if other people are upset because they have a better understanding of "language" then you then you may find that the other players will begin to ignore you when you triumphuntaly yell "DONE!"

Rule #9 If you finish first, but have no interesting words in your crossword than your victory is hollow. You should feel bad.

*other variations are better, you figure them out for yourself, fucko