Bombin the SLC

pre-emptive strike on the city

Ridding Joel's Bike, rejuvenated by biking form a slightly disappointing screening of "Do You Copy?" After the Tabernacle's cheese piano musac Joel and I go to the Lazy Moon but while the brothers were outgoing and friendly the ladies at the bar had that "recently beaten look"

They smoked alot which sucked. Then Joel and i start running to the next bar. A beggar asked us for a dollar... "only if you can catch us!" Saddly, he didn't try.

We ran to the Bayou With its beer guide to Beervana (a higher state of drunken enlightenment im sure) many brews available on tap and on the bottle, but it's still filled with people that force me to have conversations like this:

  • "Im an ad rep, we're bringing Jared from Subway to the Rockies to a big way," said the sprightly mid aged lady.
  • "Why? are people fat here?" I looked around
  • "Actually they are fairly thin compared to the nation, but I don't think they know that."
  • "I wont tell them. Jared must be really working well for you."
  • "yea but he's got tangles too..."
  • "What do you mean?"
  • "well he went from a kind fat person to a pretentious less fat person"
  • "is he just not very nice?"
  • "total asshole"
The munitions are set loose

Feb 20th 205am @ Poolhall Junkies after the 2nd Screening @ Brewvies

Mike, Bjorn, Jen, Joel, Frank, revphil, Shawn: 7 ready to ride, two eager to fuck. Bjorn stays only to finish the beer and cheeze bread pie. I can't blame him if I was in his situation would I do any different? (that being, having no reason to go home so might as well delve into the excess... well yes I have a little more restraint... I should work to get rid of that) ledgable drunken writing ends

Now I have to re-concentrate my thoughts.... up to the university campus with the Wheelie Boys. It's my fortune at rolling with SLC's newest bike gang on their inaugural ride. Over steps and back down zigzaging though a concrete canyon. Over boulders and up to an overdone pedestrian bridge with spires to the sky. Then charge up to the dorm on top of the hill. *sob* No one would even talk to us.

"Do you ride bikes?" Silence as they walk by.

"Do you speak English?"

Then up to the hills and Mountain that span above us. Many a mile up and up and up... then nothing but the intoxicants we carried and the bomb back down. First the "Superman" then the "Right-Ride" then wheelies then pavement. But what is that? ... oh its a gate. The sounds of metal impacting metal and a second later a body descends from above. A predictable thud as the form impacts the dirt road. Followed by silence... then a "Ugh" then laughter.

it should be noted that this was written hastly in a bar and discovered in my office more than a year later There is this note distinct from the page

-and he catch-
-me in a lie-
-a butt Bombing ...a-
-mortal sin if there is one.-