Revphil's guide to PDX

The World's Greatest Sports Bar

Why do we have sports bars? Seems like they just serve as a place for people to go when they want to pretend to watch TV in public. Touring the bars of Portland you will notice that many bars qualify for "sports bar" status. Seemingly all you need to be a sports bar is to have a tv somewhere in the building. eg. Conan's on 39th and Hawthorne. What makes Claudia's a superior place to go is that the people not only watch the game, but they pay attention, they get excited, they cheer. This place is typically the fans are louder than at the actual game (helped in no small part by the fact there is reasonably prices beer). Which is in my mind, the only reason to go to a sports bar. You want to be surrounded by members of your tribe, wearing the same colors, chanting the same lines. You want to share in the excitement of a mutual goal, reveling in victory and wallowing in defeat. You want to slam your beer down yelling, "That's holding" to a pixulated (sp?) version of a real person in stripes, and have people you don't know complement you on your astute observations.

mon-thur 11:00am-1:00am
fri-sat 11:00am-2:30am
Sun 11:00am-12:00am
Breakfast 9:00am during football season and an occasional early game...March Madness, etc.

Claudia’s Sports Pub and Grill is located right on the corner of Hawthorne and 30th, in S.E. Portland. "Home of the largest selection of Microbrews in Oregon." (lifted from the website, I will do some research to determine the truth about this claim)

October 12th, 2002

I met a duck fan who does not think this is the World's Greatest Sports Bar! Keith (or Kurt, hell I can't remember) had recently returned to the Northwest from NYC where he was a regular to ESPN Zone or something like that. What was so great about it? "It is a palace, a temple built to appease the god of spectator sports"

But while tithing is not required, the gods do require sacrifice. "It is better not to think of it as money;" said Keith. "You will feel more comfortable if you can ignore that you just paid 8-15 USD for a beer, even if it is 20oz. Thus if you care at all about how much you are paying, Claudia's is far superior."

Well as long as that is cleared up. So in conclusion: Claudia's... the World's Greatest Value Added Sports Bar