Boxer Felix "Tito" Trinidad was born Jan. 10, 1973 in Puerto Rico. He has a professional record of 39-0 with 32 knockouts which is incredible because the competition in his divisions is very high. He has fought many of the top athletes in the sport, mostly at the welterweight level, including Oscar De La Hoya, Pernell Whitaker, Oba Carr and Hector Camacho. Recently he moved up to the junior middleweight class and took former US Olympic gold medalist David Reid's title.

Trinidad is known as an extremely hard hitter who never gives up a fight. Trinidad commonly gets knocked down in early rounds only to come back and dominate the fight. Out of the ring, Trinidad is a marathon runner, which he says gives him incredible stamina inside the ring.

Trinidad makes no secret about his plans for the future. First he wants to win all the world belts at 154 pounds, then move up to the middleweight division for a match against the formidable Roy Jones, Jr in what would surely be an incredible match.