Some people with crosses and wooden stakes tried to kill me, but I escaped them somehow.. When I got to school, there were drunken students fighting at the bike parking area, so I left my bike outside it and went in. I had taken a pillow from somewhere, and I thought it might be usefull as an armor in case someone decides to punch me. From the door came more drunken people who ran almost directly towards me, but they went past me and I went in. I stuffed the pillow around my fist, because I knew that no one is bastard enough to hit me in the stomach if I look like I'd wait for being hit on the hand. Inside there was a middle-aged drunkard with flithy clothes and a long green coat. He hit the pillow like I had suspected, but then some teachers thought he was hostile towards me and came to take him away. I quickly explained that he was my friend, and while they let him go, he looked at me strangely while walking away, because we had never seen each other before. One of the teachers asked how I could be his friend, so I confessed that he's not, but that was the only way to keep them from throwing him out. I walked to the class, but there was an airlock before the classroom, with lots of people in it. I got in, but when the door behind me closed, they all took out crosses and wielded wooden stakes while I screamed in panic, and woke up..