In last dream I had an extremely cool car.. It was somewhat like the really old black cars with separate section for driver and passengers, but it had been modified so its inside was only one space, and instead of straight windshield it had a curved one like Pontiac vans have, going over the whole drivers seat. Inside of the car was completely black as well, absolutely everything made from shiny black plastic, shiny black metal, and shiny black leather. Anyway, there were some people with me, and I tried to get into bed with one girl.. I dont remember anything for a while, but at least I ended up pursued by cops. My car was a prime example of style, but not a good car for getaway so I needed another vechile. There was a demonstration of some road working machine, so I drove there to steal it. Only thing I remember about it is that it was yellow, and looked like a huge dumpster with a scoop on its back. I jumped in and drove somewhat forward, but it didnt turn as fast as I had thought so its front wheels chrushed over Mercedes Benz of some famous person who had came to see it. Mayors wife fainted, but everyone else though it was part of the demonstration show, and clapped their hands as I switched to reverse and backed towards them. I stopped just before the mayors wife who was laying next to the rear tires. Again people clapped their hands, but when I turned away and drove down the street, they were left wondering if that was part of the show after all.