I was Abe from the Oddworld, and Kokkola had a severe flood. I had to sneak to other side of the yard because there were enemies standing on a pile of wood reaching above surface. I swum to the corner of my house, and dove on my back to see how far I was from surface all the time. I carefully got up to take a breath and dove back unnoticed, but before I could turn to my back, I had rose too close to the surface and my leg made a noticeable splash before I got back deep enough. I swum quickly, but soon noticed that they had sent a CAT (its not a codename, just a plain cat) after me! It ran on the grassy bottom, quickly like a torpedo, but I managed to catch it from its neck so it only managed to scratch my arms with its claws. I squeezed, but though I had expected I could chrush its head off with my bare hands, it was tough cat and I didnt seem to be doing any harm to it. My air was running out, so though I hadnt gotten behind the next house yet, I had to swim for the surface immediately, slowed a lot by a cat I was squeezing with my hands. Then, I dont remember what happened..