Last night I saw a dream, but I dont remember everything from it.. At least I was one of interstellar officers, sent to a habitated planet on a mission including an old temple, built before humans had arrived to the planet. We found the temple and fortified it as a military area, but a citizen with sunglasses was apparently interested about what was happening. Others were only interested in the operation, so I decided to stay on guard myself. In some time, the local citizen came to the area, with a plug in his ear, possibly from a recorder, but most likely from a communication device, because he had something large under his t-shirt. He also had a radio controlled car, but I attacked him from behind a military car. I struck him down on his face, and he quickly pulled the plug out of his ear before other officers came to see what was happening. The citizen cried out that he had just come to get the car back, but I pointed out that he had military communications equipment with him. Then, I dont remember what happened..

Later we went to get something to eat in a local tavern, and I got especially interested in the farming method at the field the food came to the tavern. There was a bunker with round holes all over it, and the farmer inside fired potatos through them so they hit the ground in specified spots of the field. He told that though this method caused potatoes some bad spots, it was more efficient than the old method. I went to the tavern to see how much of the potatoes were bad, and because of my authority the apprentice of the tavern owner had to let me into the basement. He assured me that they were all good, but when I opened one of the potatos with my knife and dug around, it was moldy and infested almost completely, leaving only small random pieces of its insides eatable. I asked why they serve them like this, and he got really nervous, telling that he wasnt allowed to tell it. I took a step at him threateningly and demanded explanation, but I dont remember what happened again..

Somehow, the sick potatos and citizens eagerness to get into the temple were parts of large conspiracy I revealed, and in the last dream fragment, I was inside the lower levels of the temple, lit with the torches fired by some alien substance. The temple had something I couldnt let them have, so I defended it with a GES Biorifle against people of the town who tried to get in with pitchforks and other weaponry..