I was a werefox from a distant galaxy somewhere, and after having destroyed Babylon 5, I descended to Earth.. I got to the yard around my house in real life, and there was a small army waiting for me. I managed to suprise one soldier from behind and slice his throat open with my claws. He let out a bloody gurgle, and I just managed to get his assault rifle in my blood-soaked hands before rest of them noticed me and opened fire. They spread out, and I fought them for a long time, dead or dying soldiers everywhere, medics trying to patch up the wounded but I shot them as well. At some point I noticed there was a luxon training an army of genetically modified fighters. They were crow-legged hunched humanoids, blue, rough, with thick arms, legs and skin, and instead of fingers their hands had three almost meter long blades. I was behind a corner of a house, army regroupping next to another house, so I ran across the yard, getting their attention and luring them to the alien army. I looked from aside as the human army opened fire, aliens rushing towards them though they took hits constantly. Many aliens died on their way, many got severe injuries, but when they got to the human lines, the real massacre started! Frenzied aliens roared as they swung around with their blades, literally tearing humans apart before they even fell down. Humans fired at them, but they kept fighting though they lost one of their arms or got part of their brains shot through. Before the battle was over, some of the aliens started to mutilate the dead corposes when they couldnt fit themselves to kill the remaining fragment of human army, that was soon slaughtered and skinned alive. Slowly, the creatures calmed down and started studying their damages. None of them seemed to feel pain, as the ones who were unable to walk just looked around and dragged themselves around with their hands. I walked to them, and one of them talked to me for first time. It had lost its other hand from wrist down, and other one was cut off from the shoulder. It said "I would fight on, but I'm afraid I dont have what it takes anymore." and smiled, blood from its empty eyesocket making its teeth red and sticky. Suddenly, the luxon struck a severed blade through the wrist of its partly remaining arm, and the fighter thanked him before leaving to study his new prosthesis weapon. The luxon sighed before walking to his car, and I followed him, asking "What are you fighting for?". He didnt answer, but took a towel from his car and held it spred. It had white and brown female bunny morphs posing nude, and the luxon said "A friend of mine gave this to me. Maybe I finally get rid of it by giving it to you..".