I was Tom Green, and in the beginning I was speeding at some public road, soon getting the cops after me. I managed to lose them by driving through a swamp, which unfortunately stopped my car at the opposite side of it, next to a farm. I got my lead-weighted shoes from the rear seat, and put them on while a farmer from the house stared at me, wondering what I was doing. As I got the heavy shoes on my feet, I did a little stepping before heading into the house past the farmer, who still didnt know what I was doing.

I dont remember the middle of the dream, but I got to know the farmers daughter named Luanne, and got residents of the house annoyed about me. At one point I had eaten some medication as candy, and when Luanne was taking a shower, I stole her underwear and put it on before walking back into the other rooms of the house like nothing had happened.

Soon I met the sister of Luanne, who immediately asked what I was doing in her sister's underwear. I simply said "I'm leaving", which immediately cheered her up, and havinng a change at getting me out from the house she forgot about the underwear, pushed my shoes into my arms and told "Now be a nice boy. Don't come back, please!"