Instead of going to my friends cabin with him, we went to some secret hotel instead.. Either of us was supposed to be there, but I acted like coming to some gangster place would be completely normal to me. We didnt even need to pay! The room was an extremely nice suite, silk bedsheets and stuff. Soon the roomservice came to invite us to the manager of the place, and though I was nervous about getting caught, I went in the meeting..

The boss was a real gangster, and he asked if I had any bussines here. I didnt, so I decided to quickly invent something and said him that I know new kind of cutting equipment for breaking in to somewhere. I managed to tell him that I didnt have it with me, but I could make it if I just got some time, though my real intention was to escape as soon as I'd get some privacy. He let me into inner yard of the building, with no way to escape, but let me alone with my friend as I had asked. My friend was nervous for a reason, but I looked around for something to use for new invention. There was a slightly broken streetlight that glowed only dim blueish light, some plants, and a dumpster with debris. I dont know how I made it (after all, this is a dream..), but at least I used curved pieces of shiny metal to direct all light into broken desk lamp magnifying glass, put an lense of eyeglasses on the hot spot under the magnifying glass, and with mirror fragments directed the beam to a brick wall. At the spot the beam hit, the grout started to flow down like sand. The owner of the place came out, and was amazed of my success, so I explained him that this used same principle as laser pointed against the window for spying the voice caused vibrations inside the room. This thing used the slightly malfunctioning light as its power source, and changed the vibrating light into physical vibrations those break the wall. The boss was pleased, and told us we can stay in the hotel whenever we wanted.

We got back to our room, and I told my friend that this was a LOT better than being at his cabin, and he started to believe it too. Soon the extremely sexily dressed girl from the roomservice came in and asked if we'd like something, and I asked for Pepsi and cookies. She was a bit suprised because she was already heading for the minibar for something with alcohol, but she left to get Pepsi and cookies from somewhere. I turned to my friend and told that I wonder if this roomservice could give me something "special". He grinned and said "Pepsiä keksiä ja seksiä.. (translated: Pepsi, cookies, and sex) Is that like, everything you ever need for happines?", but I woke up before she got back..