I, Barret (from FF7), Terra and Cid (from FF6) headed for a house built on a hill. We spread out to look for someone in there, and though others had weapons with them, I had a group of totally functional miniature Tiberian Sun units built from lego's. I controlled them with a graphicstablet that also showed their positions from straight above, but only fight I got into was against miniature artillery, which I destroyed with three repair vechiles those managed to get too close for it to fire at them. Anyway, when the building was secured, my friends came to the yard with a car to secure the orbital drop point on the way to the building. It was a round concrete area with three high box-shaped devices on its sides. The inner sides of them glowed with blue light, and after my friends operated them for a while, they shot blue beams high into the sky, targeted on two falling boxes they were supposed to deliver. The beams slowed the stuff down, and it landed gently on the center of the circle. My friends deacivated the drop point and took the boxes to their car. One of them shouted me "Hey, I can sell you some really cheap booze if you want! Tastes like tainted meat though..", but I got more delighted about that than they suspected. "RotGut!" It had high alcohol percentage, and it still tasted great so I ran to see if it really was it. My friend opened the trunk and took out a long gas tank shaped canister, and I took a taste of the yellowish orange stuff inside it. It was indeed RotGut, and he gave me a cork for the canister. My group had accomplished their mission, so I left with my friends and woke up..