The last dream begun in medieval times, when an alchemist was showing the king the antigravity device which he had invented. The king didnt know what to think, and because his advisor told that it was most likely evil magic, the king ordered the alchemist to be sealed in his laboratory on the far end of the castle, and to be left to die with his secret.

Hundreds of years later, I and some other archeologists found some clues about the alchemist who had "disappeared" long ago, and somehow got to the right castle. In the country where the castle was located, the kings command was still obeyed, so no one was going to let us search for the forbidden technology.

However, one night we found a secret passage outside the castle into the alchemists laboratory, where most of the ancient writings were gnawed by rats, but we tried to translate the remaining memo's. At one point we discovered another secret passage that led inside the castle, but because the door mechanism first pushed the bookshelf forward, then lifted it, lovered it and retracted to original place, I told others we shouldnt use it because it was so slow we might be caught if we used it to sneak into the castle.

Finally, we found the antigravity machine, which had two long axels connected to one even longer one from their middles, and on the end of both shorter axels there were hollow wood boxes with seemingly random number of holes on their sides. While we were wondering about the mechanism, I suddenly thought that the boxes with holes may be dice, and therefore the puzzle was to get the right combination of numbers to each axel. As I looked at the boxes, it turned out that there were more than six holes on one side, and the holes were too ornate for points of a dice.