I was walking at the town, and noticed that I was followed by a man in white suit. I also noticed that he didnt want me to notice him, so at one point after turning from a street corner, I waited for him, and when he got to me I captured him and dragged him into some structure. I tied him down and demanded to know who he was or why he was following me, but he didnt want to tell me. I grabbed a tapestryknife, slid few millimeters of the blade out, and said "You know, I'll have to hurt you for that.". I cut a cross on his head, making him grunt, but that wasnt enough so I put a piece of rock salt on the wound and pushed it under his skin with a pen. This caused him greater pain, and he cried out that he would talk, so I let off and waited for him to regather himself. He explained that he was from some mafia, and it turned out that he was willing to give me his place in exchange for his life. I wrote a letter to their leader with their own man's blood, and when the pen started to dry I said "Sorry dude" as I soaked it in his wound again..