I was going to steal a waterscooter just for waterskiing from biological research compound.. I got it from a boatshelter, but someone noticed me. Suprisingly, he wasnt mad at me, but then I noticed that people were evacuating from the area. I grabbed the extralight scooter and started running, but were thrown on the ground by a blast when the compound exploded. I got up and ran to the docks, but on the way I shruddered strangely, stopping me for a while, but when it passed I got to the water and rode away with the scooter. I dont remember exactly what happened after that, but my eyes got a green glow, and I started turning into werefox. Next thing I remember is driving my car at night, with my friend being both curious and scared of my mutation. I already had a short muzzle, my hands were covered in black fur, and my face had short red hair growing all over it. I turned off the lights because I saw well without them, and got an sudden idea to try 180 degree handbrake turn from the full speed. My friend was freaked, but everything went well for the moment and I continued backwards for someway before backing out from the road and hitting something. A meter on my dashboard indicated that my car was 1% damaged, which still bothered me enough to drive to nearest truck stop to see if they could fix it. For my suprise, they knew more about fox morph treatment than I did, and led me to truck section. It was hard to believe that they offered me a big american truck, and showed me a computer console to choose customizations for it. They explained that this was part of the fox life, so I took a look at it. I had 32 upgrade points, and screen had pictures of tires, engines, bumpers, and other truck stuff to click on. Then, I dont remember anything..