I was a nonmorphic fox, and while walking on the side of a road in the desert, I noticed a sietch someway from the road. I went in, and met some unknown creatures there. They had dry sand-like skin, so I presumed they had adapted to the life in the desert. One of them was much larger than me, and seemed like some sort of miniature Mecha, but it had same kind of skin as the other lifeforms so I didnt know if it was a robot or a living being. The Mecha sprouted some strawberry milkshake on my fur and told his stupid explanation to others, but rest of them were friendlier and asked me to get water can from the road, so I went to get it. I grabbed the can with my teeth, but when I was heading back to the sietch, the Mecha was coming towards me and said that he needed to sprout more milkshake on me to preserve his mental stability against some neurotic symptom, but that was enough to piss me off! I dropped the can and beated him EXACTLY as in MGS: First punch with both paws, then a high kick that tossed the large Mecha on its back. I started running towards the sietch, but the Mecha soon got up (with "!" on top of him..) and ran angrily after me. I got in before him, and pressed down the lever on the side of a toaster, while the Mecha got closer. I managed to avoid him long enough, and when the toaster was just about to bounce up, I jumped into it and the spring system bounced me out from the window before the heat could injure my paws..