My father was fixing something, and asked me to get a spire from the toolbox next to the tv. I went to the toolbox, and though I didnt know exactly what spire means (My main language is finnish), I remembered the Spirevillage from Unreal, so I decided it had to be some pointy object. I took a sharp metal stick and asked if it was the spire, but I heard it wasnt. I took another, but it wasnt it either, so I asked what the spire was. He was pissed because I didnt know such thing, and said that it was a rock that could be shaped like clay. I went to the toolbox, found only some dust from it, but suddenly Joonas Hytönen (Finnish talkshow host) appeared in front of me in a puff of smoke with two books in his hands! Other book included his life, and other was titled "How Joonas Hytönen Invented The Spire". He told that he was the inventor of the spire, and therefore a god, but I asked that wont that make him only the god of the spire. He shouted "Noo!" as he started to smoke, turning into a lump of spire..