I was at a summercamp with some other people, and everything seemed to go alright, untill one girl asked me privately "Are you an incubus?". I was an ancient soldier codenamed incubus, and I believed she had recognized me because of my unusually long feet, but then she happily said "I knew you because we have an incubus as a servant as well!", which shocked me, because it seemed very dishonorable for an incubus. I wondered where the world had gone, and if I would one day be caught as a servant as well, but the girl noticed my thoughtfullnes and calmed me down by telling that she wasnt going to tell anyone my secret and as we talked we became friends.

The time at summercamp went well, untill one day a body with yellow spores all over floated to the shore on a small raft. I, the girl, and one other person were there, and for our suprise the body suddenly rose and attacked the third person. I grabbed a thick stick and hit him in the arms, severing his left arm from the elbow and falling him down on the raft again. Some long slices of yellow, tainted-looking flesh fell in the water, and for my suprise the severed arm seemed to be twitching on the raft, trying to turn itself around. I hit the arm again, but noticed that the slices of flesh swum towards me, so I got out from the water.

The girl got out from the water as well, but there were slices of flesh in the water that had gotten into her rubber boots, where they had stopped moving. Before I could react, the body touched her again, and seemed to spread the infection to her, falling her down on the shore next to itself before turning to me again. I hit the body in the head, cracking its neck and falling it on its side into the water. It seemed that each part of the body was moving though separated from the body, so it was impossible to destroy without proper weaponry, and I had no choise but to run away up the hillside.

There was an outdoor theatre going on, but I just ran through the theatre area to the parking lot, despite disapproving grunts of the audience I was passing through. As I got to the parking lot, I started looking for a car that would have keys forgotten it its lock, but a guard of the parking area noticed me and started walking towards me. He didnt get to me before screaming of horror spread through the audience, drawing the attention of the guard to the zombie who was now accompanied by my friend, though she didnt have as much spores on her. I managed to find a sportscar with keys, started it up, and drove away past the panicked people who were trying desperately to get to their cars.

I drove a long way along the twisty road, untill I got to a small village. Immediately after getting out from the car, I sensed that something was wrong with the people of the village. I was going to get into a shop, but somehow I noticed that though the people acted just normally, they had same kind of infection as the body we had discovered. I got into the car, and escaped before the people had time to trick me.

I dont remember anything for a while, but it slowly dawned that the infection controlled people by some kind of central consciousnes, and the infection had spread so large that finding any free individuals was impossible. I had made a plan though, and somehow found out the place of the central consciousnes, which I was now heading for.

I got into a building thats walls were completely covered with spores, and encountered a face-like formation in the wall. It said in a low voice "Why have you come here, human? You do not know how to stop me though you've gotten here!", but I opened a bag I had carried in, and spread kitty litter sand all over the room. I remembered that the slices from the zombie had died in my girlfriends boot, and I believed it was because of the sand she had gotten into her boots earlier that day. Fortunately I had been right, and as I spread the kitty litter sand around the house, it begun to collapse, almost leaving me under it as it fell. I survived, and noticed that the spores died, meaning that infected people would become normal as well.