I was a detective, and the mood of the dream was something between eXistenZ, Magic Carpet and Max Payne.. I dont remember what my mission was, but as I got to one drug scientists hut in the slums, I had to make an ethical choise. Though the doctor was cooperative, I knew he was hiding something, so I waited untill the friendly old doctor crouched over to pick something up, and hit him in the back of his neck with a long metal stick with a lump of iron on its head (I had used this iten yesterday at the sandpits.). He fell on the ground, but as I started looking around his drawers, I noticed that he was undead! Apparently he had been a well-preserved zombie all the time, but now I had angered him and he wielded a big weapon with two orange canisters of gas on each side of it. I somehow escaped to a light aircraft with some people in it, but soon after the takeoff the zombie shot the plane and we had to make a crash landing. Fortunately we had gotten far enough so I wasnt followed, but police and firefighters that came to secure the plane forced us to stay inside because this would make great material for the tv news. A man with a camera got in, but I really didnt like the way people were forced to stay in the plane just for the news, so when the camera got to me, I took the cameraman hostage. He seemed to think this was romantic, so I prodded the camera against his head to get him serious, and dragged him outside. Then, I dont remember what happened..

Next thing I remember is the final battle against the syndicate. I prepared to meet the leader of the syndicate by making a battle plan behind a mountain cottage with the gang that had hired me. It wasnt exactly much of a plan, since we just attacked the leader's bodyguards standing in the yard of the cottage. I managed to kill most of the bodyguards with the large weapon I had gotten from the zombie doctor at some point, but for my suprise, the gang had disappeared somewhere during my firefight. The leader who was still standing laughed at me, and soon I noticed why he was laughing as two floating stone faces rose over the edge of the yard, shooting bolts of lightning all around. The leader of the syndicate escaped with a rope track, and I had to escape down the hillside as the stone faces hovered after me. As I got down to a road spiraling around the mountain, I soon located a manhole I had used before, and got down into a secret storage room. The leader of the syndicate didnt know I had gotten there, and got into the room through an underground passage. He called in a Shai-Hulud that dug a tunnel through the floor of the room, but then I suprised him and struck him with a baseball bat straight on the side of his head, falling him down to the mouth of the Shai-Hulud that devoured him immediately.