I was leader of a three-man rescue group that dove to a sunken submarine to see if there were any survivors.. Its rear end had a hole on its bottom, but otherwise intact hull kept an airpocket inside it, so when we got in from the hole, we could take off our scubagears while looking around. The lights were dim, but they revealed the stainless interior of the submarine, with water in corner of every tilted room. We still used our flashlights, and suddenly I noticed a woman in swimsuit walking in the room ahead of us. She should have noticed us, but she acted like she hadnt, so I decided to follow her. When we got to the room she headed in, she was lying dead in the yellowish liquid at the corner of the room. It was mysterious, but because we were here only to rescue the survivors, we could only assume that the liquid was extremely hazardous. I told that we should spread out, and headed forward towards the front end of the submarine. When I got to a kitchen, I found a ragged woman, who noticed me and appeared to be still sane. She told that since they had sunken, small swarm of insects came in, and attempted to dig into people's skins like parasites. They were gotten rid of, but during the time they waited for the rescue, another, slightly larger swarm had come in, managing to kill some of people in the sub, and drive some of them crazy with paranoia. I leaned against a desk, but yelled as I noticed a fingernail sized cockroach on my hand. It hadnt dug in yet, but fortunately the woman in the room gave me a binocular holdster filled with water, and told that soap water kills them and even gets them out from the wounds, so I sunk my hand in there and the cockroach was left floating dead on the surface. She told that these insects were from new species, from the depths of the sea, and according to her calculations the attacking swarm sizes grew constantly and withing few weeks there would be billions of them. Suddenly one of our group ran into the kitchen, screaming in horror and showing his bug-covered hands. I quickly gave the soap water to him, and after keeping his hands in there for a while, he sighed in relief and pulled his hands up through the reef of dead bugs floating on it. I asked the woman where would be the safest spot to go, and after short ironical thinking she said "At the New York or New Orleans, those places will take longer to become overrun by these things". I asked my teammate about the third man, but he told that he was most likely left under the flow of insects from a swarm that he had just gotten away from. I noticed one bug running towards us across the room, but I smashed it with a dishwashing brush. I soon noticed movement as horde of insects came through the doorway, and we ran away. I led us to the showers and asked others to get soup and any containers, filling them with soap water as quickly as I could. We splashed the water on the swarm, killing many of them. I grabbed a shower and spred the soap area wider, but I woke up..