Me: "Ok, to sum up my presentation, here's the deal. I'm offering to get your Golf Club online. I can completely automate your booking system, I can bring your handicap system online, I can design an application for your pro shop to sell your goods online, I have full digital photography services and I can provide email addresses for all the staff and commitee. All of this on a super duper fast server at a knockdown price. I can start working on it straight away."

Them: "Well, uh actually, the club secretary's nephew does a bit of the web design himself so ehh, we're allright for the websites now, he's looking after it for us. Thanks very much."

And so I am pointed to www.someangelfiresite**.com for perusal of the nephew's work.

See for yourself.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to blow my own trumpet here, but I'm a fucking good web designer. I've worked for BIG, BIG, BIG clients, I've won awards, I've been told by people in the business that I'm one of the best in Ireland.

Right, fair enough. So, I go to college for a year to learn some programming, I qualify, I can't get a job. So I decide to take the whole ReiToei show on the road and see if I can get a bit of freelance work. I approach people, I offer them a genuinely GOOD service at a frickin' good price... but no.

Your nephew does "a bit of the aul web design" and he's doing the work.

Don't insult me.

Sometimes I really think I should just give up and go home.
** /msg me for the URL. The site exceeded it's bandwidth when I posted it here and it's been closed down for two hours. I'd prefer if this didn't happen again.