I-opener specs:
CPU:WINChip C6 180MHz
Memory:32MB Dram (SODIMM)
Storage:16MB Sandisk Flash On Board
Display:10" color lcd 800x600 16bpp / Cyberblade i7 Video
Chip--UMA XF86Config
Sound----Yamaha YMF715 Stereo Speakers
Modem----56k internal modem on Com1
Keyboard-Net KB with built in mouse PS/2
Printer Port--Standard LPT Port
USB--1 Usb Port

Using an I-mod upgrade kit, the I-opener can now be hacked to run many OS's (not at the same time...yet!) including Mandrake Linux, BeOS and Windows 98 as well as it's native QNX, all in glorious 16 bit 800x600.

With minimal cash and a little paitence and a 2.5 HDD upgrade, you can have yourself a slick looking machine so you can impress all your buddies.

source: linux-hacker.net